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The name comes from the old Roman definition of a social group comprising numerous Families, Clans, or Generations together with Slaves, Dependents, or Adopted Strangers.

The vision is to bring people together, to forget about Age, Gender or Race. We are One Tribe, as the Human Race. 

We use the name above our door to guarantee the upmost respect to any person who enters our premises. We vow to use our knowledge to the best of our ability to make sure each and every experience is unique and enjoyable to the client. We will do our very best to accommodate to your desires and have you leaving with confidence and a smile.

With that said, We reserve the right to refuse anybody who enters our premises and does not respect our policies and guidelines. We trive to make each experience a positive one and we do not see this possible if any one person has the intention to create a negative energy in our Tribe. 

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